i think i’ve about maxed out the listening capabilities of my best friends and boyfriend…. i’ve ben whining about work ever since my third month working at the craziest media agency… aarrgghh… i’m thinking of quitting my job.

for the past one week, every single day when i wake up, i have this dreaded feeling hanging around me… and once i’m ready for work, i burst into tears. So i’m thinking…this can’t be healthy for me… but is it ok for me to resign?

On one side..i’m thinking… i’ve only worked there for three months…would it be too early for me to decide..? maybe things will get better?

On the other hand…i wake up everyday feeling crappy..i’ve lost 4kgs in 3 months and believe me..THAT’S NOT GOOD. i’m already stick thin as it is. i can’t concentrate on anything becoz i feel upse almost 24 hours a day. I dont think i talk about anything else but work. oh dear god.

I dont think i can do this anymore….

But will i look like a failure if i leave…..?



  1. heyy…thanks shah!! so nice of you to give positive support..hehehe…oh…btw the other day i was eating at kfc and I SWEAR THIS DUDE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE YOU! i wanted so much to say hello tapi takut salah orang..then after about 10 minutes of staring i realized he wasnt you (also because he started looking at me funny)

  2. Hey Raje,People like us can’t afford to lose weight! If this job is affecting you so negatively, then it might be better to straight away leave it.What are you interested in? What kind of career (not job) do you want? The reason I’m asking is because the programme I’m working on is a United Nations programme and we’re looking for the right people to work with us.Visit this website for the programme info: boss does not care what degree you have as long as you meet the following criteria:(1) Good command of both the English and Malay language;(2) Hard working;(3) Interested in the programme content.Interest is so important because we’re starting a whole new programme for the whole of Malaysia, so expect lots of work. But, personally speaking, this is my dream job, my dream career.Check it out and see if you’re interested. We’re based in University of Malaya. We’re not under UM’s management, which is a good thing. We’re an independent group.At the moment we’re waiting for confirmation from either SYABAS or Puncak Niaga (parent company of SYABAS) for the sponsorship.Continue working but, at the same time, look for another job. OK?Take care. Email me for a more private discussion.Shah

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