the Hilton’s Paris

Went to have breakfast with 3 of my closest friends this morning..just to catch up and update each other on how life is treating us. It’s good to know that Dillot has been receiving job offers 2 months before she’s even graduated. Isn’t that amazing? She’s real smart and very grounded. One of the people who’s always around to keep me anchored and not go all goofy and crazy too often. So proud to hear she’s doing well..hope she passes her MACPA test thingy (i don’t know..some accounting stuff). She’s been studying her brains I’m damn sure she’s going to fly high..

Chick and Rator is doing great as well..they’re both in super huge companies, and by the way they were talking this morning…i think they seem to have it all figured out. I was lost in all the jargons they used. I never clicked with accounts whatever..heheh… but it awed me to hear my friends talk about all these “grown-up” stuff when all i could talk about was “i’m organizing a science challenge”. *sigh*

I’ve been working for almost a year now. Half a year ago i was extremely happy to be where i was. Right now, i think i need a break. I just feel that there’s so much i can do..and so much i would love to learn..and i’m getting nothing of that.. perhaps i should’ve thought more before i dived into this. I guess i rushed things.

Oh well.

Any of you ever read Paris Hilton’s “Confessions of an Heiress”? I know some of you might be huffing away thinking “how un-intellectual!” hehehhe…

Well, i purchased it as a gift some time ago..for a fan of that cheeky Hilton. Borrowed it for a laugh about a few weeks ago, and surprisingly, it gave me more than a funny read.

Work has been taxing these past few months. I’m starting to feel that if i stay there any longer, i’d have to take anti-depressants to actually get through the day. Then i read Paris’ little confessions. She was surprisingly funny and witty in her own way. True, she was not very big with words, but she made me laugh for sure..and on top of it all..she actually made me feel good about myself..surprise surprise huh?

I find her to be a humble person, who’s simply content with what she has and it’s not as if it’s her fault that she was born as an heiress is it? people are just jealous coz she has what they don’t. she’s just being happy and her own way..heheh.. i like the fact that she can laugh at herself.. and that she love animals..LOL

Cheers to you, Paris. No matter what anyone says about you, I am offically a fan.


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