Happy Birthday Papa :)

It’s my dad’s birthday today 🙂

we all woke up early for the traditional off-key happy birthday wake up sing-a-long. It was great to see the big happy smile on dad’s face..hehehehe..

Didn’t manage to get him anything yet…completely in the blur of what i should get him for his birthday. Maybe i’ll be able to find something later today. Hopefully.

Smsed my senior to ask her for leave today but was answered with a long reply which could be summed up as a simple no. A complete mak nenek that one. Weird though as the VC has already said that we could take any day of the week off. Oh well.

Back to dad. I love my father a lot. A lot a lot. A kabillion bits!! heheheh… He’s the greatest any girl could ever ask for. Ever since i could remember, he’s been the most fun-loving father ever, and one who’s always there to cheer you up, make silly jokes almost 24/7 and best of all, the best toy shopping partner one could ever imagine! 😀

I could go on forever about my dad…but i think that would take a little bit too much of “work” time..heheheh..

So here’s to you Papa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Lots of love from your little girl always,


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