New Year 2006

It’s January 1st, 2006. Another day. Another year.

You might be thinking that there should be more whoop in my tone of expression but honestly, I don’t look forward to the upcoming year. I feel content on staying where I am and not moving on to achieve more things in life, but hey…I guess there’s no way to stop time.

Throughout the years, I have always been one to keep things to myself. To not voice out what I really and actually feel but rather bottle things up inside and walk around with a Barbie smile. Someone nice came to me and said that writing things down is a great way to release stress. So therefore I am attempting this blog. I recently entered the working life, and it definitely isn’t all rainbows and green meadows.

So here’s to the new year, may there be more happy and joyous things to come. May I be less bitter and less stressful with the existence of my new blogspot.


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